“Why is the Susquehanna River so dirty?”

If you live in Maryland, New York, or Pennsylvania, you may have heard this question before.

In 2016, the Susquehanna River was listed as the #3 most endangered river in the United States by americanrivers.org. The challenges the river continues to face include but are not limited to: illegal dumping, harmful dam operations, poor wastewater management, and acid mine drainage.

While organizations exist within the state and federal governments to address issues like these, we believe it is our civic duty to make sure that these organizations know the full extent of what is happening to our waterways: and that we — as the folks who recreate and live nearby these rivers, lakes, and streams — have a say in how we address these issues.


Founded in 1972, but more-or-less inactive since the mid-2000s, we need members and quick. Our River is depending on it.

Can’t help clean up? Donate.

While regularly scheduled cleanup efforts go a long way, there is no question that many of the issues that our riverfront parks face can be addressed with more funding. At regularly scheduled meetings we decide when and how to use the funds available to contribute to our efforts. We’ll never spend a dime without you knowing exactly how it benefits our waterways or the lands surrounding them.